Haworthia emelyae var. multifolia

Bill's Haworthias and Other Plants.

Haworthia emelyae var. comptoniana

About Poellnitzia

Family: Asphodelaceae

Closely Related Plants: Aloe, Haworthia, Knophia and Astroloba

No of Species: 1, Poellnitzia rubriflora

A single species genus, named after Joseph Karl von Poellnitz, a German botanist. Closely allied to Haworthia and Astroloba or Aloes depending on which authority you follow, it has distinctive red flowers with green tips.

South Africa: Robertson Karro,Cape Province

Cultivation & Propagation

More to follow. Contributions welcome.

Poellnitzia rubriflora

Poellnitzia rubriflora



 Haworthia magnifica  var. splendens

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 Haworthia truncata var. truncata

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